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Welcome to Maintexx's service offerings in Abu Dhabi.

We are proud to extend our comprehensive interior design and fit-out solutions to clients in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi. With our fully-managed one-stop design and build service, we bring our expertise and commitment to excellence to projects across the region. Explore our range of services available at our Abu Dhabi location:

Design Expertise:

Our team of experienced designers in Abu Dhabi works closely with clients to transform their ideas into reality. Utilizing cutting-edge design software, we create visually stunning concepts that reflect the unique essence of each project.

Turnkey Projects:

From concept development to final execution, we oversee all aspects of turnkey projects, providing a seamless experience for our clients in Abu Dhabi.

Full Fit-Out Services:

Our multi-skilled teams based in Abu Dhabi are equipped to handle all aspects of interior fit-out, including flooring, ceiling, partition, joinery, upholstery, electrical, and mechanical work.

In-House Services:

With our in-house capabilities, we maintain strict quality control and ensure seamless coordination between different aspects of the project, guaranteeing the highest standards of craftsmanship in Abu Dhabi.

Quality Assurance:

At Maintexx, we are committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake in Abu Dhabi. Our dedicated team is driven by a passion for great design and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Custom Solutions:

Whether it's a commercial space or a residential property, our team in Abu Dhabi specializes in tailoring our services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

Experience the difference with Maintexx in Abu Dhabi. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life with our innovative interior design and fit-out solutions.

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Luxury interior design is not just about comfort, aesthetics, and elegance. It is also about creating an eco-friendly lifestyle, socially responsible, and economically viable spaces. Sustainable luxury interior design in Abu Dhabi is a growing trend that prioritizes eco-friendly spaces without compromising on opulence. Renowned Interior designers are using sustainable materials, energy-efficient lighting, and innovative design methodologies that reduce carbon emissions and waste.

We are Maintexx, a leading luxury interior designer in Abu Dhabi. Accredited by the Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport (Arabic: دائرة البلديات والنقل), we redefine excellence in property maintenance operations with premium interiors and maintenance services.

Sustainability in Luxury Interior Design

In luxury interior design, sustainability refers to the process of creating places that reduce negative environmental effects, improve occupant quality of life, and contribute to the community's social and economic well-being. It takes into account the full space life cycle, from material and resource selection to construction and operation, as well as disposal and reuse.

Sustainability in luxury interior design does not follow a one-size-fits-all strategy. It varies according to the project's context, culture, climate, and needs. Here are the 5 R's that drive sustainable interior design:

  • Reduce: Minimize the use of materials and energy, avoid waste and pollution.

  • Reuse: Extend the lifespan of materials and products, repurpose them for new functions.

  • Recycle: Recover and transform materials and products into new resources.

  • Renew: Utilize materials and energy from renewable sources like solar, wind, and biomass.

  • Regenerate: Restore and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity.

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